Is it posible to put a 4TB disk into a WD livebook 2TB and get it to work?

I used the Debrick guide v2.0to unbrick my WB mybook live yesterday.
While doing that i was reading on and was wondering if it is posible to change the 2TB WD disk and replace it with a 4TB disk so that i upgrade it from 2TB to 4 TB.

Perhaps install a 4TB disk, do guide 2 (the 3 TB version) and then do the last few lines of the 1 and 2 TB version to resize it to 4TB.

Before i set of to buy a 4TB disk i would like to know if people have experience in it  and/or of it is even posible (or am i hindered by the rest of the hardware, the system board of my 2 TB mybook live)?


Just found the post below, seems posible if i read the post correct.
More people that can back this claim up?

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‎01-03-2014 01:49 AM



can you please update the first post with the info that the MBL will work with a 4TB hdd, i used the 3TB recovery image, and then initalised the device, factory data restore and then put it back into gparted, expanded the partition and preplaced the drive back into the MBL. and hey presto, 4TB MBL.






Since this is not supported and I have never tried it, I don’t have any thoughts on this. Let see what other users can share with us.

I thought about this when I had a WD Live but I’m now an owner of a real 4TB WD Cloud instead and I only paid about a $100 total including taxes for the upgrade after I sold my old WD Live 2TB for $125

Two main thoughts that I had when I considered the upgrade…

  1. the price of a WD 4TB Red Hard drive is about $220 here in Canada

  2. the price of a WD 4TB Cloud complete with enclosure is $229 on sale. I actually got mine for $190 after NCIX dropped their 4TB Cloud to $195 of which I got an additional 20% off for the difference. 

Problems that may result in upgrading WD Live

  1. WD Live hardware or bios may not support 4TB

  2. **bleep** when installing the OS.

Other thoughts

  1. speed of WD Live is much slower something in the neighborhood of 33MB/s reads where as the WD Cloud is getting 45MB/s writes and 75MB/s reads.

  2. support of an external USB 3.0. The reads and writes of the USB 3.0 through the network is exceptional at 40MB/s writes and 70MB/s reads.

  3. the amount of time and care needed to swap the drives and you may **bleep** the 4TB drives by short circuiting it.

  4. no warranty

  5. old live OS versus new WD Cloud OS

Although it may be tempting, the end cost is that you do get your enclosure for free if you buy the WD 4TB Cloud versus a bare bone WD Red 4TB.

Just saying…