Is it Legit WD Blue? or is it Fake WD Blue?

Two weeks ago I bought WD Caviar Blue 1TB from a local store.

At first, I got a defect product. When I got home, my computer can’t recognize the drive. But BIOS detected the drive as PL1.0KS3 (this is my issue).

So I returned the drive for a new replacement, claiming my warranty.

A week later the new drive arrived. (Took them a week to replace because they said the distributor was out of stock.)

Checked the hard drive, looks good, Installed Windows 8.1 Pro. Everything works fine then.

Until I realize something this morning.

My computer detect the drive as PL1.0KS3.

I thought this is really weird, it was supposed to be detected as WDC WD10EZEX right?

So I decided to look for some information about this.

There’s no detailed information about PL1.0KS3. I’ve searched everywhere, googled it. None. No result.

I even checked on some benchmark test/site even this forum… no result. nothing recognize this PL1.0KS3.

Then I unmount the drive frome my computer, to get a closer look.

This is what I found.

The serial number on the label says: [Deleted]

So I run HD Tune Pro and Speccy to see if it matched.

Here’s the result:

So what do you guys think?

Is my “WD Caviar Blue” legit or a fake one?

I need to be sure.

Thanks in advance for any informations and help.


This looks like a fake drive.

If you check the serial number on this link ( Warranty Check)  it says it is “Invalid”

I recommend you contact the place of purchase a get a refund.

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

So today I decided to bring the drive to WDC Store to get some information bout this. And they can confirm it was a fake drive.
The drive labeled with Caviar Blue, but has Caviar Black model number and WDC RE serial number on it.

After that, I go to the store where I purchase the drive, file in a complain. And after I show some legit proof, they admit that they sell fake drives. **bleep**!
Good thing is, I got a full refund.

Anyway, thanks for the reply Hamlet.

Hmm… Is that what you get for patronizing your local brick and mortar?

Maybe you should contact Better Business Bureau about this, so they do this to other people.

Do you think TigerDirect would pull something like this?


I would make a complain about them

Gladly here in portugal i dont see yet fake drives being sold to costumers… All my drives were legit and still ticking :slight_smile:

Is there any other indication other than serial/model numbers that it was a fake drive

Is there any other indication other than serial/model numbers that it was a fake drive?