iPad Problem: Storage is full after installing My Cloud App

Ipad Storage gets full after installing My Cloud App. It’s like all “My Cloud” files had been downloading to the iPad hard drive. In iPad Storage preferences it shows I have no space available anymore.

Does My Cloud App works like a streaming App or is it like a Bittorrent Sync, where all files from a specific folder are copied to the device synced?
Any one with this problem too?
I really appreciate any help you can provide

I have 8TB Cloud Mirror G2

Files are pre-downloaded before they play. If the app is taking more space than expected then you can decrease the maximum cache allowed under settings.

Thank you Trancer. You’re very kind.
I reboot the iPad and the cache is cleared. Now my iPad has some free space. I googled how to decrease cache memory size for iPad and all I found is how to clear Safari cache. I read there are some paid apps in the appstore which can clear memory and that this is not possible in the General Settings.

Thank you again.

You can clear the My Cloud app cache under Settings, and don’t use all your memory available. I have a 64GB iPad and have a 20GB cache, a 10GB could work, too, if you have a lot of files stored on your iPad. (I don’t store media on my iPad; I stream media to it.)

Also, the My Cloud app uses cache space if you actually download media into the app’s Download storage (like a movie for an airplane trip; just remember to empty the Download storage of My Cloud when finished). Lastly check your other apps that store stuff – there could be some old stuff stored you forgot to delete!

BTW, the entire movie you watch is not downloaded, it is kept in the cache and kept to a manageable size and flushed along the way…

This might be a good time to ask WD ONCE AGAIN: How about putting together a users manual for the My Cloud app with all these tips and others in it!

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Mike, thank you very much.
I really appreciate the time you took to share your knowledge.
I will set my iPad the way you describe and will let you know the results.
I might even find a way to ask WD about the tips and tricks for My Cloud in its manual.

Perhaps a silly question, but how do I get to the Download storage of My Cloud to empty it? I have several videos that I have wanted to remove from my iPad, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

There are two sets of menus for the app. One has a 3 bar icon and the other has a 3 dots menu icon. You need to explore them, the Downloads folder is shown when the 3 bar menu is tapped. Menu is in top left corner.

Thanks! Once you leave the initial page, the 3-bar menu isn’t visible,
only the 3-dot menu. I have found this in the past, but was stuck in my
head to be on the ‘page’ where the files I downloaded were.