IP address not in this country

I tried conecting to Pandora, via the Netg universal WiFi adapter. I got a message saying something like" this IP address cannot connect, it can only be accesable from the US" or words to that effect. The settings show an IP address . Ideas?.

well, since you did not tell us

I assume you are not in the US and that service is geolocked to US IP’s only

Sorry, I am in Southern California

I am also having this problem and I also live in the US. Have a WD Live hub

We have the hub connected with an ethernet cord directly to the router. When I attempt to automatically connect the hub it gives me an error saying it cannot obtain an IP address so I attempt to do it manually.

The internet settings for the router are as follows:

Ipv4 address:

Subnet mask:



I manually entered the following settings to the hub:

Ip address:

_Subnet mask:



After entering this it says “network setup completed”

However when attempting to connect to a service such as Pandora, it says “Pandora service is only allowed for us audiences and your IP is not allowed."

Obviously I am ion the US so I am not sure what to do here. Any help will be appreciated!