Installing mediatomb (or other mediaserver) on MyBookLive


As Twonky just keeps crashing on my MyBookLive 2Tb, I was trying to install another mediaserver such as MediaTomb. I read on another topic (here for instance) that it was real easy to do that :

apt-get update && apt-get install mediatomb

All right, it works, I got mediatomb running. The problem is that is messes up apache configuration. So you can’t connect back to admin UI and if you reboot the drive then you’re done : it won’t reboot.

In fact, while installing mediatomb you’re asked to change (or not) some configuration files. I tried both options with the same result.

Did someone really install mediatomb without crashing the system ?

I managed to get the system back by using this link :

unbrick your MBL

Once you plug the HDD on Sata port, you can see several partitions. 1 is the system backup in factory, the other is the (messed up) current system. I just dropped all files from current system and copied factory system to current system to get it back working.

Still twonky is crashing and I don’t have any media server properly working…


You should try to figure out why twonky is crashing. Twonky is a fantastic media server, so if you can sort out the crashing issue, then you will be very happy with it relative to mediatomb or others. It is not normal for Twonky to crash.  What version of Twonky are you running?  You should update it to 8.03 - the latest version. There is a guide on the wikidot forum for that.

You should also turn off all other services on the MBL that you don’t use regularly to save RAM.  The MBL doesn’t have a gigantic processor so it is important to not overload it. 

Thank you for your reply.

I don’t know why twonky is crashing. I don’t know where the logs are. It seems it is twonky 5.1.9. Before trying to install mediatomb I had reset to factory setup (which caused some data loss) but it still crashed

As far as I have seen on this forum support on twonky is rather bad and if you want to upgrade to a newer version you have to pay for another license. Am I right ?

Yes, to upgrade Twonky you must buy a license.  It’s $20. 

I’ve installed the latest Twonky on 5 WD NAS’s so far.  It is worth the money.  It’s extremely flexible, robust, can beam to any dlna device, can aggregate from all other dlna servers on your sytem, etc.  In the settings, you can specify exactly which folders you want twonky to serve and which to exclude (also which types of files).  It has never crashed on me even once.  I have about 100,000 song (mostly FLAC), 60,000 vidoes, and 300,000 photos. In my system Twonky scans the MBL and 3 attached USB disks.  It’s about 15Tb of storage that Twonky is scanning and serving from. 

I tried mediatomb and a few other media servers, but nothing is as good Twonky.   Do yourself a favor and migrate to Twonky 8.03. 

Here is an excellent Twonky FAQ