Install Linux on WD MyCloud Home

Is there a possibility to install Linux or BSD on WD My Cloud Home
The default software is lacking a lot
may be a spin of openbsd or Arch Linux as a disk image that I can flash to disk then boot into it
or maybe a way to boot from USB and remote vnc or ssh install
I have no Idea how to do it may be a hint or some guidance will be truly appreciated
thank you

My Cloud Home doesn’t have the dashboard of its own and it is not recommended to customize the operating system of the device as it may void the warranty of the drive.

eh, it’s a sub-par product - noone cares of its warranty anyway. Better to transform this POS thing to something at least slightly useful. if it breaks the enclosure and the disk might be used. I fond an article, but it envolves using a UART console on test pads, a little soldering and probably a JTAG, but i lost the link, i’ll return to post it here if i find it.