Install Calibre for using Calibre-headless on WDMycloud


i have an huge calibre library and i want them share in my Network via Wlan. Calibre has an build-in-server, to do that. To install this there are some tutorials on the net. for example:

No im thinking about installing calibre on my cycloud box. If i make

apt-get install calibre

the system will install about 420 Mb software. Who can I know, if this breaks the WD-Dashboard or other things like samba…

I us the latest firmware.

Thanks for any advice to solve this problem


Warning!!! Doing an apt-get for any Linux module has the strong potential to break the My Cloud OS/firmware or outright brick the My Cloud due to the use of 4k page system within certain My Cloud versions and firmware’s.

Most NAS, even though Linux is underneath, are a light version of it vs a full blown installation. Some might even be customized. Nevertheless, for Linux gurus (which I am not!) and those willing to give it a try, it is not impossible to build your own packages. The mycloud comes with Debian wheezy.

So you might have two options, search to see if someone has a Calibre package built for mycloud already, or build your own: