Initial Setup on Windows

Can I set-up a My Cloud Home NAS on Windows without a smartphone or tablet? I am looking to replace my current older WD MyCloud with a new My Cloud Home NAS. The user manual says setup requires a smartphone or tablet connected to the internet? I have glaucoma and deteriorating vision. I don’t use my phone much because I can’t see the screen. Does WD only support smartphone or tablet, not computer, users?

Sorry, one more question. Is the “Import USB” function available on the Desktop app? The user manual only describes using this function with the Mobile app.

The MCH could be activated with the web app in the browser, so a desktop browser would work. Please watch the installation video if you prefer not to read the manual.

USB is also available from the web app using a browser. The ‘Desktop app’ is what some would call the WD Discovery software for Windows and macOS - that functionality is distinct from the web app and is being deprecated and will no longer work as intended after June 2023.

NoPlex, Thanks much for the detailed reply. It’s going to take some time for me to digest. I only use my current WDMyCloud for local storage on my local home network accessing files/folders via Windows File Explorer. Internet out here in the middle of the Pacific is not adequate to support cloud storage. It looks like I can use the MyCloud Home with my PC and File Explorer, but MyCloud is still working and I think I will stay with it as long as it is.