Indexing 1TB of data 4 days - restsdk-server at 80%

@kop My Cloud has it’s own database outside of Plex and Twonky.
The My Cloud Indexing and Generating previews is only needed if you want to view your content in the My Cloud Web or Mobile App. If you do not need to view your content in Web or Mobile app including Auto Backup of mobile device, then disable Cloud Access.

Plex and Twonky both provide very similar functionality (media serving) but in different ways. However, both each have their own indexes as well. Twonky for general DLNA purposes and Plex for others. Plex is normally used with Plex client apps though. Plex also has DLNA feature (disabled by default) and uses lots of CPU and memory.

But yes, both Plex and Twonky will contribute to disk I/O, CPU and memory usage.
If Plex or Twonky write any data to the shares, then My Cloud Indexing will happen because new content will need to be indexed for Cloud Access.

5.12.108 was just released and includes lot of fixes.

so again 1 month later i am more than frustrated.
I wrote a backup to my cloud ( a large one)
since this day it restarted indexing and is now after 5 days at 75%
this is ANNOYING!!!
(yes i want to access my data with mobile devices!)


  1. Backup to a share that does not have cloud access

  2. Abandon WD Cloud access - - and access your network remotely using a VPN connection

  3. Revert to OS3

  4. Use a competitor NAS

I personally have a combination of 1, 2, and 3. I have two WD NAS units in my house. . .the one on OS5 has essentially been abandoned (pending a downgrade). The one on OS3 does not have WD cloud access. . .and I access it using a VPN connection when away from home.

@NAS_user thank you for your advice!
i will do so as of today

now my nas has spent one more week on useless indexing . meanwhile it dropped from 75% on may 19 to 61% as of today.
my nas is continuously reporting overheating problems, maybe it is switching down and restarting and by this causing all this indexing troubles…
anyway now i will follow @NAS_user 's advice and go with option 4


upon upgrading to OS5 on myCloud gen2 for 1.5TB Data the re-indexing toke around 27 DAYS!!!

In order to accelerate that i deleted lots of private source code files and have only kept videos, photos, some docs.

Now I am facing the issue that the indexing is done but the fan has been running so loud for several days. Any hints, ideas or recommendations on what to do agains that issue?

many thanks in advance

January 2022 now… I waited until the last minute to update from OS3 to OS5 and I wish I never had. Same problems as everyone else. I updated last week Thursday. It is now Wednesday, and the indexing appears to have completed. After that, it ran great for maybe 30 minutes before it stopped connecting to the server again. I can’t even access it to see if it started indexing it…I have no idea what’s going on. Worked fine for years with OS3 and since the update it’s become useless. Going to do what I can to move my files off this thing ASAP onto something more reliable.