Incorrect dns server

There’s a major problem with network connection wd tv live - thomson speedtouch 780i WL router - windows 7 32 - wired connection, I simply cannot connect to my wd tv live, even youtube not working, automatic connection failed, manual entered IP, DNS, Gateway (DNS incorrect, failed) on one point wd tv live found shared folders, youtube works, but tommorow for no obvious reason nothing works, again, does wd tv live works under windows 7 or not?


Welcome to the wonderful world of WDTV live ownership.

Network connectivity seems to be a cr*pshoot with this device.  Some people indicate no problems in their network, while others, like myself have had inconsistent behavior.  For me, this device sees the network just fine, but can’t find any media servers, and is hit or miss with network shares.   

Hi Bill_B,

no offence but if you have network problems and other have none, does that not mean that it is more likely that the problems are related to your network and not to the WD TV live?

Just a thought!

As a productive advice: I found that reseting the device to fabric settings sometimes solves some issues.

Not that I think that this is a very good way of doing it, but at least it is a work-a-round, till the WD guys improve the system software.



Hi BigBrotha,

No offense taken.  I understand your point, and I agree that there is something about my network configuration that is different from those whose WDTV works ok.  The issue is that there is nothing wrong with how my network or the PCs on that network are configured.  It is merely the WDTV’s inability to handle the configuration.

My Samsung TV (which is supposed to be DLNA compliant, but has its own issues,) can at least SEE all the devices on the network when they are on, including my Windows 7 media server.  My Denon receiver can also see and consistently stream from the same Windows 7 PC EACH AND EVERY TIME I ask it to.  

So, given that all the PCs can reliably see each other and share, and that network enabled devices from two other manufacturers also seem to handle the network just fine, that leads me to believe its WD’s problem, not mine. 


I had the same problem.  WDTV Live showed my router IP address as DNS address, with limited or no connectivity. I disabled the following two settings on the router’s DHCP setup:

“Use DNSMasq for DHCP”

“Use DNSMasq for DNS”

Now WDTV Live grabs correct DNS settings from DCHP, with full access to network shares and internet feeds.  I’m using an ASUS WL-520GU router with DD-WRT firmware installed.  Hope this helps!