I want to use koidi.tv not twoky anyway of doing this

I want to use koidi.tv not twoky anyway of doing this.

You mean Kodi, and yes there is a way, but you need to use a different device to pull media files from a drive or a NAS. If you have an Amazon Fire TV or Stick, Kodi is a software you install on the device. I had used Kodi until Amazon made a derivative of Kodi available in their App Store called MrMC which is easier to install and operate, and now I use that app.

Kodi can be installed on other media players that cost more than the Amazon devices. Do a little more research on this topic via google. Also check website Kodi.tv for recommended players.

i’m not sure WD products are compatible with Organic Baby Cereal that your link redirects to

the wd product is a mybook server i think that what it call. I also forgot I have Wd live i think both can be access thru ssh. both use Linux so not my problem is putting on kodi and keeping it on

Kodi doesn’t run on the SOURCE of the media.

Kodi is a software package that runs on the MEDIA PLAYER.

So, no, you don’t install Kodi on a My Book Live, nor can you install it on a WD TV.

You can run Kodi on lots of different hardware, and use your My Book Live for your Media Library.

you are somewhat wrong kodi is software that it true. kodi is software that runs on different operating system
All WD products that runs DLNA have a operating system (usually linux) Kodi is DLna executable on linux
I believe and don’t know how is you can push (sideload) kodi to the the linux system thru ssh for execution

Nothing said above is “somewhat wrong”. Kodi is software.

I stopped using Kodi on my Amazon Fire TV sticks in favor of the app MrMC. It is a derivative of Kodi written by Kodi developers. MrMC is easier to use and install than Kodi. Amazon approves and makes MrMC available on their App Store for installing on Fire TVs, because the developers removed any capability of criminal use of Kodi to access pirated material.via the internet.