I am SO SICK of the My World Book drive disappearing CONTIUALLY


So it seems that every 24 hours or so - My Wold Book 1TB drive disappears from my internal network – forcing me to unplug the drive and then recycle it – and guess what … then it reappears … only to go away again in 24-48 hours

So - are these drives prone to this aberrant behavior – I iniitally thought it was my router where I have plugged it in … but after spending $100 for a new router … the problem has not gone away … and yes it has the latest firmware.

Do you guys have ongoing reports that your drives do not work – I am so tired of using WD Discovery and WD Link tools and having it say “no drives exist”

Perhaps there are other vendors with more reliable soltuions … I will try to use this channel and then (failing that) I will just get another brand and will be generous with my complaints around the internet about the defective qulity of the World Book drives …


is the drive new?

I doubt it… So did it always worked like this?

The board might be heating up causing the network loss

if the drive is under warranty you can replace it

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As suggested heat does this, as does installing optware and some 3rd party tools. I have had it in the past with mine, but they are rather old.

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No - I actually have checked this as well … unless it is just defective – and though it is not new – it has always done this …

I have come to the cnclusion that the drive is defective - but unfortunately no longer under warranty … **bleep** … next time I will be smarter – pay more for better quality …

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