Hulu Streaming Issues, Netflix & Youtube OK

I’ve had a WDTV Live for several years and its played Netflix, Hulu and media from network shares without issue.

For the past couple of months, Hulu plus has been effectively unwatchable. Playback stutters a couple times a minute. The app doesn’t complain of buffering, and this happens regardless of stream quality (HD vs SD) as well as regardless of wired or wireless connection.

All other services (Netflix, Youtube, network shares) run just fine on wireless with no appreciable buffering.

I’ve tried reverting firmware, but this yielded no change.

Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone have any suggestions?


What firmware version are you using?
have you tried a reset and/or power cycle?

I’ve tried both the latest firmwell as well reverting to the prior version. No difference.

I’ve power cycled the box, no change. I’ve also left it unplugged for a whole day before trying, to make sure it’s not an overheating issue.

I think I have the same issue. It usually happens close to the end of the episode; it goes black for a second (audio and all) and then comes back. If the video is close to ending then it will do it every 3 minutes or so until it ends. It gets worst if it’s a short episode. For videos that on tv would last half hour, they can be - like you said - unwatchable.

Hi Beltonius! I know this post is almost one year old, but I am having the exact same issues.

Everything works fine except Hulu, and I also have had the WDTV Live for several years.

It’s almost impossible to watch anything on Hulu, it’s not a streaming quality issue.

Were you able to solve the problem?