How to view file on my passport

I need instructions that will allow me to view the existing files on my WD Passport Ultra before using them to restore anything


It depends on how you stored the files. WD Backup software? WD Smartware software?Windows File Explorer? Other?

WD Backup files can be shown using Restore feature on the Backup screen.

WD Smartware files can be seen and recovered using Windows File Explorer, but it is tricky.

Is the drive showing on File Explorer? If not, neither software will recognize it.

To recover/display for WD BAckup open the drive in File Explorer. You should see a folder named WD BAckup.sesstor. Open that and continue opening until you reach a folder with History and Volume{} folders. Open Volume{} folder. Open ‘Users’ and a NAME folder. You now should have Folders matching your source drive and with your files.