How to stream via internet using PC

Ok, I admit I’m technologically not knowledgeable so this may seem dumb.  I’ll ask anyway.

I have a WD Live and I’d like to stream something from internet, by connecting via my router.  I’m pretty sure I can connect my router to the WD live, but what happens next?  What interface do I use in the WD Live to find things and stream them off of the internet.

I can find something on internet via a PC, and stream it to my TV;

I want to do something like that but eliminating the TV and using the WD Live.


that’s a bit of a loaded question

netowork issues

device specific issues

website specific issues

start slowly

just connect the LAN cable from WD to your router,

you should now be able to use any of the built in apps, netflix, hulu, vudu, etc …

these are all pulling the content off the internet

for other sites, the answer is not likely to be simple

they range from setting up a sever on another machine, to pull and forward info to your WD

to writing your own app for the WD

to accessing the hidden internet browser, which does not support flash content, so might not work with your website

etc …