Media Server over the internet to WD live tv

Hello !

it is easy that WD tv live/plus to detect server  windows 7 inside home  in LAN , but what if i have my server at home and i want to watch in my office can i connect wdlive tv to that server with some port forwarding or using public ip or even wireless private link between home and office i prefer internet so am talking about wan , is that is possible ??

server pc  --> switch --> wd live tv --> TV  ( ok )

server pc --> accesspoint A–> accesspoint B 2 side --> wd live tv --> TV (ok)

server pc–> adsl modem (home) -->Internet–>adsl modem (office) -->wdlive Tv -->TV ( trying … and my question)

Well, it is possible to set up Remote Streaming in Win7, and have content available on the WAN.

But _ both _ ends of the connection need to support Remote Streaming.  As far as I know, the WDTV does _ not _, and can only access UPnP locally.

I suppose if you had Win7 PC (with Remote Streaming enabled for the “sender”) at both locations, then you might be able to “Play To” the WDTV from the second Win7 PC, but I have my doubts. 

It also goes without saying that the sending internet connection needs sufficient bandwidth.  You just aren’t going to be able to stream 25Mbit/sec video over a 1Mbit/sec connection.

Neither SMB (file sharing) nor UPNP/DLNA (mediaserver) can be directly routed across the Internet. Your only option would be to set up a transperant VPN connection between the two locations.

Level Of Difficulty- High

Technical Limitation - An upstream ADSL link probably does not have the bandwidth to do this.