How to setup a mail server able to send and receive email like postfix

I had a domain name. now I want to setup emailserver running on WD my cloud (ex: postfix). But I donnot know how to start. How i do that.


There’s a 64k repo containing Dovecot and postfix done by one of the user here, @ diaahussein. I have not tested them though as I’m using custom python mta scripts to receive and esmtp to send my domain emails. You might wanna ask him personally instead.

Port forward the necessary ports, TCP 25/110/143 etc. If you don’t have a static ip, use those free dns forwarder and schedule a cronjob to check/update ip. I’m now using godaddy, previously was

Thanks Nazar78. I am going to pm him. but the link to The connection has timed out. His cloud is down.

No problem. He just opened a new thread for his repo:

Yeah his cloud is down currently, maybe he’s doing something to it, cause he’s helping me with some test.


You can follow this howto guide for teh setups to setup and configure Postfix and Dovecot

How to setup simple but yet powerful mail server using Postfix, Dovecot and Sasl in Debian 6 (Squeeze)

as for the packages, you will find them in my  Repository to add the Repository follow this  thread

Quick hint: to send mails you would need also to use SPF and install and configure DKIM to be able to send mails