How to secure "My Passport" USB plugged

Hi everyone,

I’m  encountering some issues regarding “My Passport” USB plugged on “My Cloud”. Indeed, when the “My Passport” is plugged, there is a share called “My_Passport” automatically created.

It’s not possible to remove the “My_Passport” share, so I locked it down by turning off Public Access and assigning all users as “No Access”. Unfortunatelly, any user on the local network (it’s not the case using WAN) is able to access the share without any access. This is very security sensible because I’m using this USB drive to backup my data through a Safepoint…

How to secure this “My_Passport” share? maybe using SSH?

Thank you very much for your help/support.



must be something specific to “my passport”.  I have an external USB non-wd drive. No one can see it except me. Like  you media server off, public off and only I have permission to read/write. It does not even appear to other users.

It is very weird that there is share for which you have removed user access but still can be accessed on the local network, but not remotely, as access rights are identical remotely and locally.

I would suggest you do a system reset with the USB disk unplugged. Plus the passport in a computer, open a command promp and type


List disk

Select disk X (X being the number corresponding to the passport)



This will completely reset your passport, delete content and partitions. Then reformat it.

Thank you for your responses.

There is a similar post with the same issue:

So, I don’t think reset both My Cloud and My Passport is a solution. This is maybe a My Passport specific problem. Do you have any idea?

Thank your for your help.



It might be related to this if you made changes to users and shares:

This is why I was proposing a system reset.

Thank you for your response, I’m going to try this solution.

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Hi everyone,

I found an alternative solution. It’s clearly not the ideal one but it works.

In fact, I have simply modified the smb.conf replacing “include = /etc/samba/overall_share” by my personnal .conf file “called overall_share.jb”. Within “called overall_share.jb” I have configured  the MY_PASSPORT share as a private share where nobody is able to access.

The original “overall_share” is automatically configured including MY_PASSPORT share as a public share…

I don’t close this subject regarding other reliable solution.