How to get analog video + Digital Audio from WD Elements play?


I own a WD Elements play 1TB. Unfortunately, i am having a TV with analog video and audio inputs. I have recently purchased a Denon AV receiver. Now I would like to extract digital audio from the WD player so that it goes through the AV receiver and at the same time use analog video connections for my TV. Can someone help how to go about with this?

I tried connecting the analog video from the WD player to my TV and HDMI output to the AV receiver so that atleast the audio comes through the AV receiver and video into the TV. When the player was switched on, video showed WD logo for 3 sec’s and then video static. This kept going on and on till I had to turn it off. Its as if both analog and digital do not work together at all !!

Please help on this issue ASAP. I am confused!

You can’t use ANALOG VIDEO and HDMI AUDIO.


THanks a lot Tony…but compared to HDMI, optical quality is inferior, right? Will all audio channels get channelled properly through it? for eg: 5.1 or 7.1 ?

also if you were to choose between analog audio (L+R+coaxial) and optical, which one would you choose? which is the best?

Optical QUALITY isn’t necessarily inferior, but optical CAPABILITY is…