How to delete WD SmartWare Pro Free Trial From My Computer Before End of The Trial Period

How can I delete WD SmartWare Pro Free Trial From My Computer? 15 days left in trial period. I did not knowingly order this software and it prevents access to the password to my Passport device. I do not want this program and would just like to go back to what a had. I have Windows 10 on a Dell PC.

Have you read the SmartWare User Manual? Open up SmartWare, click on the Help tab and at the bottom you should see the link for Online User Manuals.

I could not find anything in the manual related to my problem. I just want
to be able to access some files on my Passport. Afterwards I will delete
everything related to WD Smartware and purchase a storage device of another
brand. Disappointed that my Passport was “high-jacked” so I cannot use it.
I have never signed up for the Pro free trial. My Passport was an excellent
product before it was “high-jacked”.

If you want to remove SmartWare then right click on Start, click on Control Panel, Programs>Uninstall a Program and scroll until you see WD SmartWare and then remove it.