How to change master browser in windows 7

I have read forums on checking to see which item is showing up as Master browser to be able to see NAS under Network Shares.

In my situation my NAS is not the “Master Browser” so how do I change it?

My Netbook PC is the master browser.

I have taken this information from TonyPh12345

Wondering what are the next steps.


This reference article has been posted here by me and others.

How to Determine the Master Browser in a Windows Workgroup

I am not sure you want your NAS to be the master browser; usually it is a PC that does that.  I have read that some custom firmware for my ASUS router can set the router as the master browser, and that makes some sense to me.

Thanks for the information.  Would you know how to make my Synology 413 NAS visible on my WD TV Live and WD TV Live Plus under Network shares?

It appears you may not have shared the device on your network, or used the WD Discovery program.  If not, AND/OR you do not have the complete User Guide for both units, download them from the WD support area and dig into them.

 Have you enabled Windows File service in the control panel of your DS413 and added it to your Windows Workgroup. You should install their Media Server program also.