How to best Physically Disconnect the ArmorATD 4GB Drive

I just purchased the ArmorATD 4GB Drive. I have a 2018 13” MacBook Pro with Catalina 10.15.1. I formatted the drive as APFS and created 5 volumes. All was going well until I unmounted the volumes, waited a minute and pulled the Type C connector to disconnect the drive. I then received the “macOS can’t repair the disk”

I have observed (by putting my hand on the drive and feeling the drive vibrate) that my ArmorATD 4GB Drive keeps spinning for quite a long at times after ejecting the drive, one time almost 8 minutes. It seems to be longer after doing a large copy to it.

I am usually used to just waiting for a drive to power down within about 30 seconds before I physically disconnect it.

There must be something I am missing in the disconnect procedure that it is taking so long to power down and that I have to pay attention to whether it is spinning or not before pulling the Type C.

As with any external drive. As soon as it is ejected and no longer mounted on the desktop you can disconnect the drive. At that point the computer has already lost its connection to the device.