How to Access Videos on my WD TV Live Hub through my new WD TV Live Streamer

Been using the WD TV Live Hub for 2 years now, and love it.  Recently added a WD TV Live streamer in my basement, hoping to access the content on my Hub. The only way I’m able tyo see the content is through the Network Shares > Window Shares path. Shouldn’t I be able to see it under the Medis Servers option?

I can go in through the Windows door, but it’s always asking me for a name and password, which is set to anonymous and I can get in to see the files, but it seems to be a few steps too many. 

Is there a way to set my Hub/Live up so I can see the files by selecting Media Server as my share?

Twonky is on and running, even tried restarting, and no change. Thanks in advance.

remember to add the folder to the twonky server and you should be able to see it.

Another thing keep in mind that through the windows shares you will be able to see the subtitles. and through the media server is not supported, so if you need subs. will be better if you use the windows shares option.