How secure are the files in my "Public" folder? Can *anyone* on the internet see them?

how secure are the files in my “Public” folder? Can anyone on the internet see them?

for example, if I’m sitting in a coffee shop and using their free open wifi to access the My Cloud drive in my house, can people in the coffee shop see what I’m reading or watching?


It depends on what device you will or are using to connect to your My Cloud and your security settings. What OS does your device have?
See image below for a Windows 10 computer as for it being discoverable.


Secured. Shares are only available via LAN, so anyone on you LAN can access the shares.
WAN (remote) only if you enable remote access and allow those users to connect.
See manual’s “Accessing Your My Cloud Device Remotely”.

Possible, if it is a compromise wifi spot. But then, they can get to anything on your computer as well. Mycloud would be the least of my worries.

I’m a little confused. What is a compromised wifi spot?

Like the example I mentioned… if I’m sitting in a coffee shop such as Starbucks and have my laptop connected to their wifi, can other people see what I’m streaming from my My Cloud drive at home?

Compromised wifi spot: someone is tapping the data stream as the wifi router connects to the internet.

Which should be addressed by point-to-point encryption using https.

AFAIK, the WD remote access apps also use secure point-to-point comms.

Google is your friend

I guess that’s precisely what I’m wondering… where on WD’s website does it mention that the WD remote access app uses encryption when communicating via the internet to my WD My Cloud drive at home?

Is it only the user name and password that are encrypted? or is the data(such as photo/video) being transmitted in encrypted form?

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I sense an unreasonable level of paranoia in this thread. If the OP is that concerned she ought to contact WD directly. Folks here can only speculate.

The odds of this happening are minuscule. The crooks are going after big time hits, and not folks in coffee shops, and for that matter one’s home network is no safer. A smartphone is even more hackable.

Watch the recent 60 Minutes segment on breaking into to smartphones if you really want to worry. Hacking Your Phone - CBS News

@Carla_Kirsch, please see the following thread that has discussion on the encryption used to access the My Cloud.

The bottom line is that the communications between the My Cloud apps, the web portal and one’s remote My Cloud IS encrypted. There is even a setting in the WD Sync program to encrypt communication over the local network when accessing the My Cloud via the local network.

Generally any time one opens up remote access to their My Cloud (or any network device) there exists, how ever remote, the possibility of the My Cloud contents being accessible to unauthorized users.

Currently one cannot officially hide or disable the main Public Share folder on the My Cloud. This issue has been complained about in the past in numerous other threads. For all other Shares on the My Cloud one can set them to Private and one can then set the User level of access (full access, read only access, no access) to that Share. Once set to Private a password is needed to access the Share. Note however that the Media Server (DLNA) does not by its very nature honor the password setting on a Share, instead all Shares where Media Serving is enabled will be visible to all local network DLNA clients. The solution is to disable Media Serving on all Shares that you don’t want people to access or stream media from.