Encryption implementation in my cloud

Can anyone point me to the encryption specs in use in My Cloud? What does WD use on connections over the Internet to the device? And is there an encryption at rest option? I’ve not seen any details on the encryption implementation.

Does anyone know what level of access WD has to your data? I can’t find their privacy policy. Thanks

Please use the search feature of this site, there are several prior threads discussing security/encryption or the lack there of in certain instances of the My Cloud and its remote access connection. If your looking for WD to discuss their back end security methods for the My Cloud, its software or the MyCloud.com web portal you’ll probably be disappointed since companies tend to keep that information from the general public.

The My Cloud generally does not have hardware based encryption.

Here are a few threads one can find using the forum search feature:



And there is this post elsewhere:


Thanks. And I did search but there is no definitive information. I’m simply interested in knowing is encryption in place in transit and at rest. It does not appear at rest is an option but I’ve seen reference in posts and reviews to encryption in transit over the Internet. I’ve seen reference to OpenVpn being used. Why wouldn’t WD simply publish that if its indeed implemented? Seems like it would be a feature to advertise.

So my question remains, does anyone have information on actual encryption implemented in My Cloud? Also, does anyone have a link to WD privacy policy? Thanks

The connections via WAN are in https, which is encrypted.

Now for more security without depending on WD, see if my response here works for you…

As several of my links posted above indicate, and Shabuboy’s post further indicates the remote access to the My Cloud is encrypted (HTTPS/SSL). One’s connection to the MyCloud.com web portal is also encrypted (HTTPS). Using a direct link to individual files (and possibly folders) is also encrypted (HTTPS). One can, unless WD has changed it, encrypt local network syncing when using the WD Sync program.

FTP access, when enabled, is NOT encrypted.

Remote access to the Dashboard user interface is generally confined to local network computer access.

SSH access to the My Cloud can be enabled for both local and remote access.

The WD apps and software used for remote access also apparently use encrypted communications (HTTPS I believe).

The talk elsewhere about using VPN was due to people not wanting to use the WD software/apps or the MyCloud.com web portal, or for other specific reasons like mapping the My Cloud remotely or streaming media.

Trying to connect to https://mycloud.com results in a certificate error. The corresponding certificate is issued by COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA to the DNS names *.wdc.com and wdc.com, thus the failure to establish a verified connection via https. However, clicking on the Sign In link is directed to a certified https page for the actual login.