How can I get an Icon Set for My Passport 4 TB black?


I believe that I overwrote that when reformatting.
It’s a 48x48 .ico file for use with Windows 10 Pro.

It displays a WD My Passport (black) drive graphic for quick access while plugged in.

TIA! :weary:

i don’t have a download link to the icons you’re after … but it’s easy enough to put a similar one (or you could search for one) back on the hdd

here’s an example how to but a drive icon back on the hdd

@JoeySmyth -

Thanks for that. I finally did it myself. Here’s how…
Download the above file for Autorun. Delete the .ico or rename the extension.

Use this website -

Use this file -> MPB

Rename the picture file (a My Passport Black) to MPB.bmp
Then use the website to convert into a .ICO file in 16, 32, or 48 pixels in 8-bit color.
Remember that the Autorun file and it’s contents are read-only and hidden on the root of the WD drive.

So you need to unhide it, do your work and then test by unplugging and re-plugging the WD drive.

For Tile -> View in Windows 10, I chose 16x16 and it looks great.

Hope this helps someone. :smile:

I needed to recreate the My Passport Black files last night and ended up recreating the autorun file and folder with a different image that I thought looked a bit better.


Unzip and show hidden files then copy AUTORUN.INF and the AUTORUN folder to the root of your drive.

Sites of interest

Whilst creating and testing its sometimes necessary to clear the icon cache to get the new icon to show. Should not be necessary if your just using the files in WD My

Please if someone still has the original files could they be shared.