WD icon for My Book in Computer

I have an old (80GB IDE) My Book and a recent 500GB Elements.  At first both had the blue WD icon which showed up in Computer.  This icon was great because I could tell at a glance which device was used for backup.  Then I formatted the drive of the My Book because the autoplay software drove me nuts (I prefer to just drag-n-drop files manually).  After the format, the WD icon was gone, replaced by a generic Windows one.

How do I put the WD icon back?  I must have the file somewhere on the Elements, so can I just copy it?  Please tell me the pathnames for both the Elements and My Book.  Or do I need the Setup file from a non-autoplay drive?  I saved the Setup files from the My Book, but I really do not want to go that route because then I will be back at autoplay.

you might want to look for autorun.inf and an autorun directory. Also look for wdlogo.ico. Do you have those files?

Yes and no.  The Elements 500GB, which has a working WD icon, does not contain any files at all like that.  The 80GB IDE drive, which I already formatted, had an autorun directory which appeared to have nothing in it.  I also found two Setup files (one with an Install Anywhere or thereabouts icon and one with a WD icon of some sort) and five language folders (English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian).  Those files/folders were copied to a backup disk.  I never found an .ico file.

I’d sure like to know how the Elements 500GB displays the WD icon with no autorun capability.  If I could figure that out, I could translate that to the 80GB IDE.

P.S. I removed the Elements 500GB drive from the factory plastic container and now use it in a Thermaltake enclosure with fans.  The fact that the WD icon still remains means that the Elements controller has nothing to do with it.

I searched for “wdlogo.ico” on wdc.com and found nothing.  Then I binged (no google for me, thanks) on the same field and found a Yahoo Answers webpage with an answer.  I went to http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=304&sid=22&lang=en and downloaded the autorun files, loaded it onto my 80GB IDE, and viola!  The icon returneth.  Too bad WDC’s website has such a terrible search mechanism.

It’s not just WD boards, it’s a lot of boards that have sucky search engines.

Yes, many boards do have terrible search engines.  By the way, thanks for your help.  The data which enabled me to solve the problem was the filename wdlogo.ico, which you gave me.  With that I could root around for the solution.