How backup from 2 sources

I wanrt to backup from 2 sources: from my computer and from an external hard drive (backing up onto a 2TB Ultra using WD Smart Ware.

How do I do that?

The SmartWare screen only accepts 1 source.


With WD Smartware you can backup both hard drives but not at the same time. You can choose which hard drive to backup by going to the “home” tab and changing the backup source.

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thanks … that works … followup question:

Can I set both backup frequencies to continuous?

How do I backup from 2 sources using WD Smartware?

I have (1) a computer and (2) an external harddrive (a WD Passport Elite 500GB) that I use for everyday remote file storage - I want to back up both onto a new 2TB Passport Ultra.

The WD Smartware screen to create a first backup only allows one source to be entered as a source.  How does one backup the second source?

I have an internal hard drive, with 4 partitions. - Win 8.1

I would like to set up continuous, automatic backup, to my “My Book” drive, for all files, on all partitions.

Is this possible, with the WD backup product supplied?