Backing up from multiple sources to single WD My Passport Ultra

I am the proud owner of three My Passport Ultras, which live attached to the house’s desktop, but also can be used when one of us travels or works away with our laptops.

They are working very well in my windows 7 OS and I have used them successfully to migrate all of my files to one (1 TB - L drive), all of my family’s file to another (1 TB - K drive), with the final external drive (2TB - F drive) for backups. Windows has been configured to recognise the external drives as the default location for each user account. The backup drive currently has a full windows backup set of all three source drives and a system image of the OS (C drive internal).

What I want to do is to arrange for continuous backup from my C drive (internal OS drive with the admin account), but also from my account (external L drive) and the family’s accounts (external K drive). I would like them all to backup to a single external target (external F drive). I know I can manually backup this way but I can do that with Windows and would like to use the continuous backup function that comes with the WD software.

Is it possible either to do one of the following?
A) Set up a WD backup plan, using the WD software, to backup from three different drives (one internal and two external) to my 2TB Passport Ultra (drive F) whilst logged into the admin account, OR
B) Set up three different WD backup plans from different windows logins/user accounts to achieve the same thing.

In short, is there any way of having multiple sources and one target, either in one backup plan or in three backup plans in different windows logins/identities?

I would welcome any advice on how to proceed.

Thanks in advance,


With the WDSmartware open on the Home tab, check the drop down options under the source column on the left side. If your USB drives are listed by drive letter, you can select them one at a time and setup concurrent backups. Once all three are setup and enabled, they will all run to the F drive. But this all depends on the fact that Smartware can see them from the drop down option.