HGST Warranty Process is a Nightmare

I had an HGST drive fail recently, I supplied HGST the receipts as requested (luckily the online site keeps copies of my purchases) but after 4 phone calls in a span of 2 weeks, I still do not have any responses.

Initially HGST advised that the lead time was supposed to be 2 business days to update the warranty over their end, but now I am very nervous and keep getting the same response from HGST “…that this will be escalated to the relevant department… this has been escalated to a higher level”… just getting nothing but lip service and over 12 days is absolutely becoming a joke to say the least.

Seagate seems to have better RMA’s now and I think WD just doesn’t care about HGST customers anymore than their own. Not sure where to go from here as I spent alot of money on getting the best HGST drives but now it’s failed with very little use and the warranty support ticket keeps saying it’s answered/resolved but I am not getting any RMA numbers to send my defective drive back.

I have reviewed the Australian Consumer Right Laws and it states that the company may be in breach of their duties if a receipt is supplied but they fail to fix/replace/refund within a reasonable time frame.

I purchased 2 of these HGST drives and it looks like the 2nd one is starting to make strange sounds while we wait for the first drive to be replaced in the NAS configuation. It’s an absolute nightmare to say the least and I have already been told 3 different dates to wait each time and it’s becoming a nightmare process to go through. I hope no one goes through the same issues like mine.

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we are currently experiencing delays in processing and shipping Standard RMAs in all regions. Local processing and shipping times will depend on local government restrictions. During this period, we will continue issuing RMAs for customers, however, we have temporarily suspended all Advanced Replacement RMAs due to logistical limitations.

Thanks Joey for the details, … in the bulletin it says " During this period, we will continue issuing RMAs for customers,…"

Unfortunately I cannot even get an RMA for my defective drive because I was advised that the WD Team needs to update the warranty first on their end.

With a very expensive defective HGST drive, this is now falling onto the 3rd week to get an RMA approved… and my second HGST drive has failed from the same batch.

Over 8 phone calls, 10 emails and 22 days has passed and I have been told they need to create a manual RMA each time and that the case has been escalated. Feel like getting dik around with the same generic response.

No matter how nice or patient you are each time on the call, the same answer persist from the warranty team… give us 2 business working days… you will end up with the same result.

My case for an RMA has not progress from Day 1 even when I provided them copies of the receipt… photos of the defective HD against the receipt as they have requested and even close up photos of the drives themselves.

After being told the Team Leader would call me back in the morning, I received no call at all during the day and the same usual response and to wait next week.

After now 10 phone calls, the usual responses are

  1. Give us another day,
  2. I am personally handling your case.
  3. This has been escalated
  4. We will have an answer for you within 1-2 business days.
  5. We understand.
  6. I am sorry for the issue caused.
  7. This is outside of our department.
  8. It was sent to the wrong department.

Since the warranty department has not provided any update to the Support Ticket after 1 week even when I kindly asked for an update on my defective hard disks, and waiting nearly 30 business days of not being able to create an RMA, I have no other choice but to raised a case with the Australia Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).


Dear Western Digital,

You have confirmed my 2 products are under warranty on both the 12th and 13th May 2020.

However upon registering for an RMA, it now indicates that the warranty are void?

Failed Registrations
The following Serial number(s) cannot be added to the RMA: because it’s either an OEM product or the warranty has been voided or it may not be a valid product for RMA. For further assistance, please contact the WD support team.

Can you please explain why one minute I am told that they are under warranty both in the phone conversation and communication history and now it indicates otherwise?

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