HELP problem with my external WD disk

Hello all,

I need really some help to recover data from my WD external HDD form 2016.
Basically this morning after Laptop restart, It s just deployed in “devices & Drives” but impossible to access it…

I know that I cannot extract HDD (I mean it has integrated adapter)…so not sure what Can I try to recover my Data

Pls seeking your help


You could refer to the following link:

There are chances that your drive may turn as RAW. Due to file system corruption, virus/ Trojan attack, registry damages, primary hard drive partitions may become RAW. Once the drive turns RAW, you’ll not be able to access RAW partition or drives. Common fixes include formatting RAW hard drives but it involves risk of permanently erasing your data.

Here, I suggest you to check out the below article for better understanding of the issue:

Hope it will help.