HELP Mini USB port on external hard drive broke off

  HELP Does anyone know if I can get a replacement part for this external hard drive ,while putting in the mini USB port into the drive it came off the green board which is detachable from the drive itself?

Also is there a way to hook this drive up to a computer another way without using the mini USB port

Thank you


WD does not sell repalcement boards and opening the drive voids warranty. You might find one from an identical drive or on Ebay. Look through the posts by fzabkar he has explained about matching up the numbers. If this is a drive that came with Smartware it has hardware encryption from the board with the broken port. Data recovered without that board will be encrypted and useless. You might try getting a skilled electronics repair person to solder on a new port. Professional data recovry might be able to change parts and build another board but it won’t be cheap.


Thank You I see a lot of this on this forum the company sould realize the defectivenes of this port and replace the board

its not cheep as well as the information that can be lost … Im suprised they are still in business