Help! Can't open old files with a line through them!

When I try to retrieve old files from my Passport “Essential” drive I find many have a line through them and they wont open. Is there a way to restore these files?

That sounds like WD SmartWare. Files marked with a line through them are files no longer present in your computer. What happens when you try to retrieve them? Do you get an error message? Do you see the files in your computer in Windows Explorer (Not WD SmartWare), but the files are unable to open?

That’s right. I backed them up from my former laptop. Does this mean I can’t retrieve them now?
Don’t get an error message. They just have a line struck through them.
Thanks for your help.

Open your WD Passport in Windows Explorer. You will notice a folder with the SWSTOR extension. You can copy your old files into the new computer from that folder.

Hi again, regret I am struggling to find the folder that you refer to. I have attached a screenshot of my WD Passport opened in Windows Explorer. Am I missing something?
Many thanks again for your help.

That is not your WD Passport. That is the WD SmartWare virtual CD. You should be able to see both side by side with a dedicated drive letter. Is your hard drive password-protected? The unit needs to be unlocked before it can be seen.

On the other hand, is your “Local Disk (D:)” a secondary internal hard drive or a partition? If not, then that is your WD Passport.

Hi and thank you again for your help patience!
Have opened Passport and searched documents to take a screen shot (attached) showing older files with a line through them. These were backed up from my old laptop and some of them are important.
Is there a way I can retrieve them?
Apologies for my ignorance but I do the Passport difficult to navigate through.
Many thanks