Help! All data in mybook live gone and owner password unknown

Hi Mike

thanks for posting the tool. Trying this now. Just wanted to ask, for the pictures that you recovered. Did it keep the metadata for those files??
or was it all gone.
I was able to recover my files using Stellar, but the pics all came out as thumbnails
Thanks again Mike

Dear cclement,

I have enjoyed reading your post. I want to know if you have found answers to your questions since your post.

What options associated with question 2 did you go with? I will prefer not to go down the route of NAS drive. If I can use my MBL as an external hard drive, that will suit me.



I used EaseUS Data Recovery and recovered thumbs and originals. They still had the metadata and were foldered by source, i.e. name of camera

Hi go4875

Yes, recovered Thumbs and Originals with all metadata. Only thing that has changed obviously is the creation date… which is now the date the files were restored. Most had data when they were taken as well.

Hope that helps.

IMO, Build your own PC or find a used off lease Mid tower… It would be about the same price as a Diskless 4 bay NAS. Yes it might be over kill for the average user however, you now hold the keys to the car… not them.

Tru NAS software - FREE
Micro atx MB - $100
Case $60
Ryzen 3200g - $150
PSU - $60
Ram 8 Gig $60
wireless Key+mouse combo $20

$450… of course all ballpark in CAD but you get the Idea.

This is the direction I am looking into. Might go ITX Case and Mobo, but the cost might go up. will see

Thank you @Mike20101 and @rshare
just weird, i see the file and file extension. but when I open the file via Photos (using Windows).
It won’t open, i have to open by paint then save the file as jpg, then it opens
will try the last scan from Active

Anyone in the UK know how long it takes to hear back from the recovery services company in the States? They received my drive on the 13th of August and I haven’t heard anything since then. The only notification that I got was from UPS to say that it had been delivered.

I’m in the UK too and mine reached Secure Data Recovery in Ohio 9th August and same haven’t heard anything yet

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Hi Edward

Unfortunately nobody offered any answers to my questions in the thread so I was on my own.

  1. I decided to simply brick the MBL. Took the drive out and ditched the enclosure.

  2. I purchased a second hand synology DS216-play complete with 2x 3TB HDDs.
    It’s a few years old yes but the processing power is well above that of the MBL and it seems leaps and bounds ahead. The fact the price was less than a new single bay enclosure only was the clincher.

The 3TB HDD from the MBL is sat on a shelf waiting for further data extraction attempts (although I can’t think of anything else I need off it given I saved the photos) or a new USB HDD enclosure.
An enclosure is about £15 it’s a no brainer really I just haven’t got around I doing it yet.

Hope this helps

Just another head’s up that it’s been over 2 months since the mass hacks on June 23rd and my MBL (without any patches) is still up and running fine gathering continuous, automatic encrypted backups without fail. I’ve continued to peek at my logs, etc. every other day or so and still haven’t found any signs of infiltration shared on this forum.

Now, this may be because the hacker(s) have ceased operations, WD has taken steps to stop the botnet and/or other factors, but I figured I’d just update that all is still very well here with my guinea pig canary in the coalmine.

Same settings as before:

YMMV, of course. Don’t risk losing your data. Mine is very much an extra backup.

At this point I think I’ll apply patches through SSH that were mentioned a long while ago further up the thread. Anyone who did so, how did that go for you? Still up and running without issues on your LAN?

Hi Guys, Please do mention if you are posting about My book live (MDL)(1 drive) or My book live duo (MBLD)(2 drives). It seems like people with MBLD have greater success in recovering data.

Well WD finally sent me th correct label with the commercial shipping invoice.

And my item is now in America. I look forward to getting a replacement external drive from them.

Does this recovery program keep the file names and cause dual images with one being a thumbnail?

I would love to know the best one too. I am not very techy and am limping along with all of this.

I have noticed that the mp3 and some pic that I had named, stayed the same. I am still sifting through the rubble but I did notice a separate folder for thumbnails and the other had the actual pics.

I emailed the recovery agents who confirmed that they did receive my drive a month ago and that it’s being processed. This could take another 1 to 2 weeks apparently. I don’t know whether this is due to the huge number of drives that they’ve got to do or if they’re really slow at it.

they received mine last week, also said 1-2 weeks

Seems like a generic answer?

We have received your hard drive and it is currently in our process for recovery.
Currently we are expecting about 1-2 more weeks before the recovery is finished.

Hmmm… :thinking:

Your drive has been received and is currently in our data recovery process.

We expect the process may take another 1-2 weeks and when it’s completed you will receive an updated email.

They’ve now had my drive 5 weeks and no update yet

@jwat525 did you have any issues at the post office / ups office when presenting your package for posting? I’ve heard of people being turned away because they don’t have a particular form attached to the package? I’ve just attached the pdf form I was given!