Help! All data in mybook live gone and owner password unknown

Mike, are you in Springfield?

James… no in Canada…!
However, I’ve taken matters into my own hands. I preceded to pry open the hard drive within the enclosure, connected the hard drive via SATA to my PC. Then went ahead and purchased Active Recovery Suite. Its funny because I purchased this software back in 2014 and guess where the .exe file was “Safely” saved incase I needed it in a situation like this?!?.. Right… Anyway. I have 4 days left of burning my electricity , pc components and time attempting to fix this mess for the past 8.

They should except the enclosure just like this for this silly coupon offer…smh…

So far… this software allows you to preview pics and you can pause the restore process to recover file you really need.


Why do you only have 4 days left if you bought the software?

4 days until the scanning process is complete. Will do a full restore 5 days from now. Will post results.

Wow, 4 days. I guess you have alot of data. I used a few different programs and I think the longest scan was 2 days. Will be interested to see your results.

This mode is a called a “Superscan” so it takes 315 Hours (approx…13 days) so its probably recovering files that were deleted 4 times over.

It’s not that I have alot of data. It’s a 3TB and half of it was full …

I just realized that this file recovery mode recovers everything that was ever put on the drive. I bought it when it released in 2011 (10 years ago)

I’ve gone this far… figure I’ll just let it run untill it’s finished.

I will say this though… there isn’t one bad sector on the drive. Not bad for 10 years but then again it wasn’t meant to be written on frequently.

Class action: Note that our firm is pursuing litigation against Western Digital over the recent mass deletion of consumer hard drive data. Currently, we’re looking for information regarding the earliest date that any user’s data was deleted. If you can be of help to this investigation, please contact me directly at (

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Look at the original post it’s from June 24, 2021 that ought to give you a hint.

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I see many recovery softwares mentioned in this thread & wondering which is best of all. Has anyone tried more than one recovery software & found one to be better than others, please post in your reply.

Here is a list of some of the frequently mentioned recovery softwares in this thread, please feel free to add any good recovery software that i may have missed in your reply. Thanks

Photo Rec
R Studio
Ease US
Disk Drill

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Anyone had their 40% off coupon code as yet?

I’ve gone and bought 2 x 4Tb drives, as I’m going to make images of both drives before I send them off - just in case they fail to recover any data.

Has anyone received the recovered data on a Passport drive back from Secure Data in Ohio if request was sent originally from the UK? If so how long did it take after they received the MBL drive and do they provide tracking after they dispatched the Passport one?

Well I am happy to report that all of my data has been recovered using Active@File Recovery 17! Like in my previous post, I mentioned that it took 310 hours to do. Well me being a rookie at this, the default setting was set to scan every drive I had hooked up to my system and search file extensions from SQL server to Corel RAW files… you name it. So, I figured out how to scan a single drive and also select the file extensions that I wanted to recover. Mainly .jpg .exe .zip, .doc… the common ones. The new scan was only 9 hours.

As you can see, it creates a directory structure based on the files the software discovers. The files however, didn’t maintain their file names. Which I could care less about. After the “Last Chance” Scan, I effortlessly right clicked on the folders and clicked recover.

I pointed the recovered files to my Seagate external drive. Now its just a matter of sorting.

After going down memory lane, with all of my photos, documents and music, it dawned on me that if I did send my drive to these people, who knows what they could have done to my files. They could simply say, “the files were unrecoverable” (In fact a basic quick scan wasn’t able to find anything at first until I did the Last Chance scan) Or " Your Drive did not meet Warranty standards blah blah blah…" All of my personal info in some strangers hands… :-1:

Like I said before… Not one bad sector on this 10 year old drive which is impressive… I might continue to use it or keep the evidence in a box until the time comes.

DIY folks, if your able. Do not send “Exhibit A” to them for %40 off.

I think this Software is $29 to $69 bucks. its called Active @ File Recovery

Blessings to you all. I hope you all get back what was taken from you!

Hey Guys,
regards from germany! btw sorry for my bad english.
Im so happy that i had an other trouble with my Mybook Live duo today, thats the reason why i found this thread and all the informations about the security problem.
I guess I had a lot of luck that my data still exist and noting is wiped.
I took my NAS from the internet today.
Now I try to save my data, but how do I connect directly to my computer?
I used the “4 second Factory reset” now I can connect to by the static ip.
But I can only reach the Webinterface? If I try to open the Folder at Networkdetection, the Brwoser opens and links me to the Webinterface?

Do you guys use the 40% discount for a new model? Im really unhappy with that. Dont want to spend money, the MyBook Live Duo has met my requirements…

Thank you and sorry again for my bad english :frowning:

BTW the WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra is also already 6 Years old, that doesnt make sense to buy one of these?!

Has anyone cloned their disks before sending to WD for recovery? If so, which software did you use?

I used a docking station to clone it.

Hiya Mike, which version of the software are you using I.e. standard, professional, ultimate. Wouldn’t want to splash more cash than needed.

Hey Paul
I have the Active @ data studio 17 which comes with Active @ file recovery ver. 21. Not 100% sure of the grade.

I checked the website and it seems that the higher grades just give you extra the software tools. I only used the Active @ file recovery program to recover my files so I would assume the standard version would suffice.

Hi all, I have attempted to use several programs to recover my dads music collection, but pretty much all of them get stuck at 2%. One of them mentioned a CRC error while attempting to read the disk. Am I unlucky or is there a way to recover files from a deleted file system that has CRC errors on it?

Thanks a lot!