Help! All data in mybook live gone and owner password unknown

@mrkuldip where are you in the world? I’m just about to post mine UK > USA and have printed the labels I had been sent as a pdf.

No I just put the 3 invoices behind the shipping label and took it to a local ups drop off point and they scanned it and was fine

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I’m in the midlands in the UK. The pdf sent should be three pages / labels. Put one on the outside in a plastic wallet. I put the other two inside the package.
Then went to UPS location and it was accepted.
If there are any issues the ups staff will normally contact you.
I had issues in the first occasion as the labels were missing shipping licences… but second time round the pdf was longer and complete… No issues. Should have it back in about 3 weeks.

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3 weeks? They’ve had mine 6 now

@mrkuldip - My pdf contained 5 pages, but 3 of them were identical. I had the shipping label, 3 “Invoice” pages that were identical and the last page was a documents instruction page. There’s no sign of shipping licences - unless the invoices are the shipping licences?
My ticket has now been closed on the WD website, so I cannot contact them again to find out about the shipping licence.
@jwat525 did you have any issues with a shipping licence?

I’m pretty sure the 3 copies of the invoice are the shipping licenses. That was all I required. I made 4 copies, put one inside and 3 went in the plastic shipping envelope that UPS stuck on the box. I had no issues and my drive has made it to the recovery facility.

@schrodingers_MBL - the pdf sent to me was identical to what you’ve described, I suspect the shipping licences and commercial invoices are the same thing, but I had no issues sending or any mention of shipping licences.

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I shipped my MBLD on July 22 and received my recovered files on Aug 9. 18 days total. I’m guessing they are not accustomed to this many jobs, all at once.

Sent my MBLD on 31st July from the UK to and still not received it back. Had similar responses to others on here after chasing Secure Data in Ohio:
20th August: “We have received your drive and due to volume we are looking at about 2 more weeks for the recovery.”
Chased again and received the latest response on 14th September: “The recovery is almost complete. We are working on getting a return shipping label from WD as well.”
Not sure if I’m being fobbed off or the recovery is genuinely underway? I’ll post if I receive my drive back or another response.

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Were you happy with their recovery or feel that it was just as good/inferior to what you could recover with EaseUS? Problem with both seems to be lack of original file names and directory structure.

The recovery service recovered fewer files but that is probably because many of the EaseUS files were fragments of files. I have gone through a very small percentage of the 100,000+ files. Documents (Word, Excel, txt) seem to be just fine from both. Where EaseUS had fragments of files, Secure Data pieced them together but not always well. One mp3 started with ABBA, switched to Judy Garland, then back to ABBA but a different song then the first. None were the complete song. MP3 file sizes appear to be multiples of 2048KB blocks from the service, No directory structure retained but some original names, not many. Tags are pretty well intact for pictures and music from both.
You ask if I’m happy with their recovery. Not really. I’m disgusted that this happened in the first place considering the time allowed that we owners could have been warned and that the security issue was not dealt with YEARS ago! I’m “happy” I didn’t have to pay for the recovery service since it really didn’t give me any better results than software I already owned.

Just got this response after I messaged Secure Data

‘Your recovery is completed and the data is ready. The shipment will be completed as soon as the new shipping label is received from the manufacturer’

So now need WD to pull their finger out!


I think they received your drive at around the same time as mine, hopefully mine won’t be too far behind yours then. :crossed_fingers:

Just to add my story:

Sent drive off from UK, received in Ohio on 25th August 2021.
No communication.
Emailed my contact Zachary at SECUREDATA Inc on 9th September asking whats going on.
Got a reply that day saying 1-2 more weeks expected.

That two weeks is up in 2 days, so will give them another week after that and see if theres an update.

Appreciate it takes time, but using free software I was able to recover stuff in <8 hours. Not sure what could possibly take 4 weeks to do.

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Hi all - had the same issue, admin PW not working and data lost, live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Did not discover it until this morning, panic spreading as I read all you posts. HOWEVER - no need to send data to the US, or do a lot of jumping around, this guys video got all my data back :blush:

You can choose to do a soft opening of the NAS, I bruteforced it, but there are also a video on how to open it without breaking the tabs. Check out this video and use this software - it actually worked for me using a prokord external hdd reader.

I hope others can use this solution.

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Were you able to recover the data with original file names? What about the directory structure? Thanks.

Hi flipper26, yes all data with metadata, original filenames, file structure, the lot, it was like it was never gone, but just hidden away from being displayed in Windows :blush:

How did you get to the data. Mine looks like it’s a blank formatted drive with just the empty folders at the beginning.

Yes, I seem to have the same problem with that particular software.

I just followed the instructions in the video posted to the letter.

Best regards
Martin Sull