Gigabit Speed Test - The Verdict

I thought I’d do a quick test, to show what I get as a benchmark - I know its meaningless to compare but at least users can see similar set ups.

I’d also like to know if I’m getting particulry slow or fast transfers.

Set Up - MacBook Pro Gigabit to WD Live Hub Gigbait - both connected directly to Gigabit Router all with Cat6

I copied 2 identical files of 100MB.

I have 2 INTERNAL (Sata 2/3) drives in my laptop - OCZ Vertex 4 SSD and 750GB WD 72–rpm HD.

Transfer rates are as follows.

SSD to WDTV 32.7sec

HD to WDTC - 33.3sec

How does this look?

As an addition - same file to my Gigabit NAS takes 22.8sec.

I don’t know that much about the numbers, I read all the spiel early on after being annoyed with the speed that my files were going onto the hub. So in the end I filed up the internal as quick as I could from my hard drives, and only add the odd TV epsidode to it now.

What I did find was small files like 100mb, did not give a real sense of speeds. Moving something like a 6Gb MKV did though, as the speed picks up then drops down and steadys out.

Yeh, I just can’t hang about and time a 1GB+ file as I’d be here all day.

There’s 8 bits in a byte so 100,000 Bytes = 800,000 Bits. Transfer that at 33 sec = 24MBits/s.

I think?

You dont really have to transfer it, just cancel it once it stabilises.

I am using Windows 8 now, and it pops up a nice graph when transferring. Recently bought a new Router (ASUS RT-N56U), so hard wired I transferred a 350mb file then a 2 Gb file and cancelled the 2Gb one after it flattedned out.

that looks very cool.

Unfortunately, Mac OS X doesn’t give speed readings, as us thick creative types don’t need it I guess.

Ratch - You can probably get better speeds by modifying your nic properties. I typically see 60Mb/second transfering 30Gb to the Hub and 100Mb/second + transfering the same file to other drives on my network(LAN). Other than having a gigabit switch & cat6 cables the only mod I made was to the “Link Speed & Duplex” in the nic’s properties, I changed this propery to 1Gbps full duplex from 10Mbps half duplex.

I don;t knwo what that means but I’ll get right on it!

I got a response today from WD who said that their lab tests usualy result in 10 MB/s.

So thats that.

Before when I had windows 7, I only managed to reach 9 to 10 mb/s but since I moved to windows 8, I get 13 sometimes even 15 mb/s.

Still not very fast, but 30 to 50% performance gain is quite interesting by just changing the operating system

I have the Hub hardwired to Asus N56U with Win7. I set my NIC to Jumbo Packet and 1gbs full duplex. When I transfer exceptionally large files over 4GB to the hub, I get 13.8MBs. This is about the best I think you can do with the Hub as its processor just can’t handle more data speed. Before I got my fast Asus router, I was usually limited to about 10-11MBs. Before I upgraded to the Hub I had the plain Live Streaming Media Player and its 100mbs interface. That transfer speed was about 7-8MBs. 

Hope this helps the discussion.

when it try to copy anythign liek a movie form form my PC to my WD live hub it transfers at like 105KB/s (not bytes or w.e that is called storage units)

and when i try to make m movie sheets and series/season icons it takes 23423423423434 years an episodes/folder

it goes mega slow.

i currently use teh WD Link thing to make my hub a drive Tuunbgen recgonises.

is there an easier way to connect internal hard drive of the hu to PC   cause atm u gotta put my shows in a thumb drive put it into hub and move it from there on the hub. thats nto  problem and fast but still more work.

that’s no speed test, LOL

read this for a real speed test

both page 2 and page 3 I posted speed test results

also turn off media library

every time you generate a sheet, the compiling media library process is probably starting and will use both network bandwidth and i/o bandwidth on the hdd

also you should probably just use the windows map network drive feature, I don’t know what the WD program does

meida library is OFF

ok i did that and for some reason now when i open ThunbGen the drives list in it is “out of date” like its showing drives that arent there anymore and not where my drive i is now.

i.e i disocnnect the drive u made with wD link whcih was at I:  and used te windows 8 mapping to do it on H: but when i open thunbgen after it only shows I: and not H:  like its not refreshing i click frefresh on thunbgen and nothing


now thunbgen is showing all the drived but the one i mapped. i mapped it to S: and its not being seen in list for some reason.

heres a cpiture of how i setup the network drive the my computer screen adn the thunbgen screen with drives list