G-Speed Shuttle 56TB very slow write speed on Mac

I’m getting very slow write speeds on this drive. Copying media is going at about 50-60MB/s. Way slower than it should be.
I’m copying large video files from a 8TB TB2 G-Raid connected to a 2019 macbook pro via a thunderbolt 2>3 adapter (Apple brand).
I have also been copying large video files from an Avid Nexis over ethernet>TB3 adaptor. Same deal here.
Running AJA speed test reveals the same issue - see attached results

Write cache is enabled in the settings.
What’s going on here? Read speeds are fine.

Is anyone from WD able to help with this? I didn’t pay 5 grand to copy media at 55MB/s!

Ended up following the advice in this thread and plugging my drive in to a windows laptop I had - luckily it was formatted ex-fat.
Switched off quick removal and drive speed immediately increased. That thread suggests then flipping back to “Quick Removal” but I found that that reintroduced the problem so I have left it set to “Better Performance”.
Then moving the drive back to the Macbook Pro and the drive is performing faster again, according to the speed tests I ran - see attached screenshots

The first two are the PC in “Better Performance” mode and the Macbook after “Better Performance” was enabled on the PC. The last one is with “Quick Removal” turned on on the PC. As you can see, a massive difference and obviously an issue that should be addressed by the company.

My question to WD and G-Tech is how do you affect this change if you don’t have a PC to test with? What is the equivalent setting/operation on a Mac??

You can also notice that I have now also lost considerable read speed from before, so it seems that improved write speed has come at a cost. Honestly very unimpressed with this drive for the cost. Massive hassle to set up, corrupts easily, so loud and compared to the Promise Thunderbolt Raids just nowhere near as good. Last time I buy from WD.

And now it’s back to being rubbish again. What a terrible drive this is. Getting a write speed of less than 2MB/sec copying over TB2. What is wrong with this drive? Is there any support for customers on this site?

So, over a month later, no contact from WD, no response to support emails and still terrible performance. I have three Promise Pegasus R8 towers that are working perfectly with no issues, so needless to say, will not be buying G-Tech products again.