G-Drive Won't Mount

I have three other drives – two by ‘G’ and one by OWC (Mercury Elite Pro) – that are working fine. So far, anyway. I will use this ‘chat’ thing they got and try to get my drive to a service center. Thing’s well within warranty, so I don’t want to hear any guff from them. I tried the Disk Utility stuff, and don’t feel like having to pay for a stronger repair app when they can and should either fix the drive or send me a new one.

Good plan. It’s bizarre that their main recommendation seems to be shelling out for a third-party app.

Well, tech support directly from WD has finally responded. I am trying to get them to do something now.

Good luck bro.

I’m trying retrieve what I thought were lost files off a G Drive mobile 2 TB external drive. It was brand new 3 days ago when I put 279 GB of files onto it. I used it with a couple of Macs I have (one is USB-A and the other USB-C, for which I used the cords provided.) All of the sudden, the drive would not display in finder. The power light indicated the drive was receiving power. I removed it from the case, thinking I would connect it to a reader but before that, I decided to test connecting it to the Mac again. It showed up in the finder! I was able to copy a few folders but now, everything I copy over is renamed (ex: a file named IMG_8911.PNG is renamed HXSQ4301.JPG.) Why is this happening if yesterday, the files weren’t being renamed? It’s also taking a long time to copy the files over. Would running some sort of disk repair help? I just wish there was a way to instantly get the files off the drive before I drive over it with my car. Thanks!