Flying with My Passort Pro


Does any know if you can fly with a My Passport Pro?


Only do it if the plane has WiFi service. If it doesn’t, it’s possible the regulatory agencies have not approved the aircraft for in-cabin ISM band radio.


Thanks for replying so quickly Tony. I don’t want to use the hardrive while flying … only transport it so I can use it as a backup device once I reach my destination. I’m trying to figure out if this device with a 6400ah, 5 volt li-po battery can be taken on an airplane. Have you flown with it? Thanks


I fly with mine in a large :gadget: bag that gets scanned every time and no one has ever asked what is it, and I can’t carry it on. It is no different than bringing a laptop with larger battery aboard.

Until the seats got smaller and smaller. I used to play it on board, but I traded using that for a small wireless flash drive called a Sandisk Connect in my pocket to play music and movies on a phone or iPad (again, they both have batteries).


Thanks. This is very helpful.


I agree with Mike.

The Wireless Pro can be taken on airplanes as part of carryons.

Rather than treat it as a laptop, I treat it as an external hard drive.
Note that laptops typically have to be pulled from the bag and scanned independently. Increasingly, that requirement is stretching to tablets. Frankly, I don’t think most screeners would know what to make of a device like a wireless passport.

When in the seat, USING the devices is another question. In coach class. . .there simply isn’t room to fool with a device as large as the wireless pro AND a tablet AND whatever else you have. I have a two-prong solution: Tablet with lots of memory (my old iPad was replaced with an Android device that has a removable memory card. . . .this translates to much more memory capacity for less money - - -> note that swapping microSD cards on a plane would not be recommended). and a sandisk connect. The connect is USB flash sized, so it fits in a shirt pocket.


I store my MPW and other fat hard drives, and battery packs in a large and padded hard case made by Drive Logic I bought the cases for TEN bucks from Amazon. Worth every penny.

BTW, I keep my Sandisk Connect in my pants pocket as it can easily fall out of a shirt pocket.

I have two Connects; my earlier 64GB and for twice the price a 200 GB model. Lots more storage space in same size flash drive!


Thank you!


I fly with mine all the time… here’s why.

If you are on an airline that charges a fee per device for internet access while in flight:

Turn on the DW WPP, connect to it’s wifi with your prefered device, launch the WD app, connect the DWWPP to the airplane wifi and purchase internet access. ALL your devices can now share the ONE paid for connection. My girlfriend and I usually have two phones, a laptop and an e-reader using a single purchased connection.

It’s a really handy feature :slight_smile: