Fluctuation (low) read speed from SSD

WD 480Gb Green WDS480G2G0A.
From the beginning of its use, I noticed that it has a slow speed of READING information. Today in CrystalDiskMark - I tested it 10 times in a row and got different results from 15!! up to 460 MB/s (SEQ1M-Q8T1). I changed the cable. Dashboard.exe - shows that everything is ok (within what I can check). WIN 10, Latest firmware.

Please, tell me what could be the cause of the problem? What do I need to do to check and find the cause of this problem?

With the rest of the SSDs that I have in this PC, there is no such thing.

Hi @Savoy13,

Please refer to the article Common Causes and Solutions for Slow Network Data Transfer Speeds:

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