Firmware update stuck at 0%

I have a WD TV Live and tried to update over the internet, the %age metre wouldn’t get past 0 when trying to download the firmware. So I did it manually put it on a usb stick and tried manually updating, it went ahead then froze on a screen that just said “rebooting” it was like that for 10 minutes so I had no choice but to pull the plug. When I boot it now it gives me the “insert USB drive with firmware on etc…” message but I have tried 4 different usb drives formatted with different formats and it just gets stuck at 0% on the updating firmware screen…any ideas…I’ve kind of lost hope.


You need to format the USB flash drive, download the firmware again and connect to the device with the WDTV live turn off, than turn the unit on and the firmware update should begin. Make sure to download the correct version of the firmware.