Firmware 1.11.144, how to re-enable Linux NFS Share?

After upgraded to 1.11.14, I am not able to connect to My Book Live via Linux Share - NFS, only Windows Samba is available.

The release note says Enable Linux Share is off by default, but I can’t find any option to turn on it.

How can I use NFS?

It’s in the SETUP menu.

got it, there is no scroll bar so i didnt realize more options offscreen…

Sorry for being dense but where exactly in setup can I find the option to enable Linux Share? I’ve looked in there and press all the up down left right arrows many times and couldn’t find anything for Linux Share or NFS. How can you go off screen? Thanks a lot for your help.

OK. Found it under Network Settings. Keep pressing the down button until you cannot go down further. It is the very last option.