Files are invisible in My Passport Essential after a Win7 Smartware backup was done


I purchased 500GB WD external HDD WDBACY5000AWT (My Passport Essential USB 3.0) on March 2011. It was working fine with my previous WinXP machine. I have done a couple of back up using the WD Smart Ware utility. 

Now im having a Win7 machine and I normally i used my WD external HDD view photos and mp3. It was working fine all the while until I have done a backup of Win7 pc using WD Smart Ware utility (Ver 1.6.4) yesterday. Since after the backup is done, i have no access to my files in there. 

Now when i connect my HDD, computer is able to recognize the HDD but im unable to view my files except 1 recent folder. HDD property shows the used space is 373GB, antivirus scan can locate the files and scan them and windows search option can also find those files in HDD but all the files are seems invisible. i have tried Attrib command to unhidden those files but unsuccessful. 

Please advise how to recover my data…

First enable show hidden fiules and see if it show then. Sometimes you need to do a backup from the new computer see this post