External WD HDD Elements 1TB - not recognized by Win XP after restart

Hi everyone! I have a problem with my new WD 1TB external HDD, model wdbuzg0010bbk-eesn.
When i first got it it was GPT and my Win XP could not see it so i converted it to MBR with AOMEI Partition Assistant and it worked, my windows was able to see the new drive and i could copy about 20GB of data on it.

Next session, i open my computer and windows will not see the external drive. I went in Device Manager and saw it was trying to install it as a Toshiba drive, for what reason i don’t know (it failed, obviously). I opened AOMEI again and the program sees the HDD as MBR. As i have data on the drive atm, it would be best if any solutions would keep it safe :slight_smile:

Any ideas on what i can do to be able to use my HDD on my ancient computer?

Thank you all!


I believe the partition got corrupted.
The best course of action would be to format the drive so you can use it again.
Formatting the drive will delete all data stored on it so if you want to recover the data on the drive I recommend you use a data recovery software before attempting the format.

I have same problem for new WD Elements harddisk but not work with my Windows XP desktop.