External Hard Drive Broken (?)- need help fixing or recovery

I was using my external WD My Book hard drive to copy files from an old computer with XP. It somehow malfunctioned (maybe I unplugged it at a wrong time although it wasn’t seemingly being used at the moment) and the computer stopped recognizing it when I tried to plug it back in.

Now when I try to plug it into my regular computer it shows up as two drives: 1) a “WD Unlocker” drive which Ive never seen before & 2) an unrecognized drive that tells me I need to format it. In Disk Management this drive shows up diving into three parts one “healthy” and 2 " unallocated." Chkdsk doesnt work.

My questions are :

  1. What happened?
  2. Can I return the hard drive to its old working format ( I read somewhere that this could be malfunctioning wire)?
  3. If not and the hard drive is broken can I recover the files using any particular program?

If your hard drive is unallocated then the partition was corrupted or lost. You could try searching online for a partition repair application or a data recovery software. You could also contact a professional data recovery service company for analysis:

Anything else? What went wrong?

My hard-drive shows up as a "CD Drive (K:) WD Unlocker) and “Local Disk (L:)” L is “Healthy Primary Partition.”
Before it was one partition.

Person in this video says its caused by a broken adapter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhYzy4I1j_c Is that possible?

I basically have the same problem as the person in this post:

Usually when a hard drive breaks for me it just doesnt load. What does this CD drive mean and why is it 465 GB?