EX4100 Backup Help?

I have 2 EX4100’s each loaded with 4 - 6TB WD Red Label HDD’s (RAID 5). I currently have 9TB of data that I want to backup or sync between 2 physically separate locations (my home and business). With 20+ years of IT experience, you would think this would be easy for me to figure this out, but after 10 days of no success, I give up.

Does anybody have suggestion to offer?



This is pretty similar to what I’m trying to accomplish. SSH looked like it would end up being the best route for my specific scenario, based on the capabilities and limitations of the device, but comes with its own special hurdles. Cybernut1’s reply to my post yesterday EX4100 Public Key auth over SSH, changes killed on REBOOT was extremely helpful, if you decide to go that way.