Dual ex4100's?

So we have one ex4100 now with 4 drives each 4tb with striping so we have 12tb capacity. I have one share that is 5.7TB and have been backing it up to a 8TB USB drive. But now the backup is failing and all I can tell is the dreaded “Backup Failed” - Backup failed. Please check your system settings. Backup Type Synchronize
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Lots of searching shows it might be a known issue with USB backups and the total backup being large. So I thought this is not good that this is still a “known issue” with no fix but now might be the time to get a second one to remote back up to or clone it.

Anyone using a second ex4100 for back up or I would like to just run it as a remote clone so that both have exact copies of the data for redundancy.

I have set up remote backup of one ex4100 to another just this week, in sync mode.
So far it seems to be working almost as desired. I say almost, because WD’s remote backup only backs up shares. I have some iSCSI targets that there is no longer a WD supported way to sync to the other NAS.

Unfortunately, my biggest share is only 1.1TB, so I can’t really tell if the “known issue” affects the remote backup too.

So, even though it is working for me, I can’t recommend it.
Given the lack of support from WD, “fixes” that amount to just deleting the features in question, and “known issues” that are never fixed, I would be extremely reluctant to buy another one of these things in the hope that it will work.

Ugh… yea from my reading the error I got was due to a timeout. I did read a few comments about using SSH to run the backup where you can specify a higher timeout then the default 30 seconds. I was thinking it was just a USB timeout but now you got me thinking… Worst case I could do it and try it and see if it times out… But maybe I will do it with more shares… let me try that… will let you know…