EX2 Backup File Selection Issue

This isn’t a huge issue, but it seems like a bug worth noting.

I have an EX2 running 1.05.30 (FYI)

I have been copying old hard drive files to my EX2 using the USB to NAS backup (that now works as of 1.05.30).

I noticed that the file/folder selection does not seem to work correctly. The boxes next to files/folders seem to indicate that you can select multiple files or folders within a directory or drive. However, you cant. It only allows you to select one file or folder.

The solution I have been using is to copy the entire directory and delete what I don’t need, but this means moving a lot of unnecessary information across the network. The other option is to do multiple backups to get “only” the files I need within a directory.


We have passed along this information to support.


I´m doing the same USB data moving, and seen the same behavior, therefore filed it in the topic-4 of this comment.


I´ve asked for some improvements in this area.




I’m having same issue. It’s asks me to pick source directory, but when I do it doesn’t actually select anything. I have had my ex 2 for three days and it worked when I first got it, then I updated firmware and stopped working. I need this resolved because when copying from finder on my Mac between the USB 3 hard drive attached to my ex 2 and it’s internal drive the transfer speeds are so show I suspect it is relaying the data over Wi-Fi to my Mac and back