Disk Activity / Utilisation and missing transparency


I´m new EX2 user, have bought it just a few days ago and start to use it with consolidating multiple smaller USB disks to one big NAS. I´ve updated the firmware to latest 1.05.30, installed the newest SW on my PC and using it in a 1 Gbit network with a single WD Red 6 TB NAS Drive.

For me is very disturbing ánd absolutelly missing that:

1) there is no Disk Activity in the UI or dashboard visible

/CPU+Memory+LAN is good to see, but for a storage product the free space as the only KPI is definitelly not enough, typically the disk is the performance bottleneck and not to have any transparency on disks activity and utilisation is a big shortcomming/

  1. there is no size per share information visible, not in the “home” nor in the “shares” nor anywhere else.

/To collect infos via SMB is a workarround which is not good enough/

  1. the backup jobs have only copy or sync option, but there is NO “move” option.

/to evacuate files from old media or some intermediate transfer folder very helpfull/

  1. the backup jobs does not allow to select multiple source folders within one job, e.g. 3 dirs in the root

/you can either select the whole drive, or just single filder incl his subfolders, or have to setup multiple jobs/

is there any improvement planed ?

Any good advice or workarrounds you can give me ?

Any support welcome,

PS: I´ve setuped few jobs to move data from old USB directly connected to the EX2, and it takes ages, with very few infos how this performs or not. Am now considering to replace to synology or qnap because the lack of transparence/performance is disturbing.

many thanlks


Hello and welcome to the community,

I recommend you post your recommendations on the Ideas board. 

Network Product Ideas

Hi Hamlet

I´ve did the posts as suggested and spend even more time with WD.

However I doubt this will lead to a timely solution for the problem, and you have not provided any helpfull workarrounds.